Guy Martin's Turbo Martek

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3y ago

Guy Martin really is his own bloke, and when it comes to building the ultimate project bike, you'd better believe he's going to go big instead of going home.

The result is this, the Martek Turbo Suzuki.

It was the star of one of Guy's recent channel 4 'Speed' episodes where he took on the legendary Pikes Peak Hillclimb event in the USA.

It's the scariest thing I've ever ridden, The first time I rode it I was screaming in my lid!

guy martin

It started life as a regular 1991 Suzuki GSX-R1100, although virtually nothing remains of the original bike, which is renowned for having one of the strongest motors out there.

The oil-cooled GSX-R engine has seen a huge overhaul, with a big bore up to the limit at 1380cc. The work was done by turbo expert and all round legend Sean Mills at BigCC racing in Wokingham. He's the world leader in getting huge power from turbo bikes, so it's understandable why Guy went to the best for his Martek - eventually seeing a healthy 320bhp figure.

Guy famously struggled at the Pikes Peak event where the huge changes in altitude were playing havoc with the fuelling on the bike. Even so, it still sounded brilliant. Here's a clip of Guy giving it a quick warm up

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Comments (2)

  • I remember in the 'Speed' doc when he first fired this up and said something to the effect of "I don't get frightened easily but this thing scares me".

      3 years ago
  • Here's an interview I did with Guy when he bought the bike to our event Moto Time Attack at Cadwell Park. Top bloke, great bike!

      1 year ago