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90 seconds with bentley boy guy smith

4y ago

What would you be if not a racing driver?

Either a farmer or truck driver ( both involve driving and when I was a kid that was what I wanted to do!) Now I also have a Sports and Entertainment business.

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?

No not really I used to be quite superstitious in karts and single seater getting in from the right had side, and I used to have a lucky adidas t shirt when I raced karts. I realise now that all that stuff makes no difference!

What is your favourite racing circuit?

I really love Laguna Seca and Road America they are both great driver tracks and have loads of character and of course great corners.

Who do you admire the most?

Its a cliché but my dad as he has been a great role model in getting me to where I am today.

Favourite food?

I love Steak and Chips!!

Which other series would you like to race in?

I really love Indy cars I was lucky to do a few races there back in 2004 but I would have loved a proper crack at it.

What road car do you drive?

I have a BMW M3 and a Range Rover.

Most memorable racing moment?

Winning Le Mans and also winning the Junior British Karting championship back in 1987!

Do you have any tattoo's, if so what and where (be honest!)?

I have no Tattoo’s but my teammate Steven Kane keep’s telling me he’s getting a sleeve done!

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