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Guy tries to put gas in his Tesla Model 3


6d ago


Switching from a combustion car to an electric car requires a little time to adapt, especially during long journeys where it is essential to plan your recharges in order to optimise your trip. Driving also differs since some electric cars require significant regenerative braking, which is quite confusing the first time.

But when you're very distracted, you can forget that you're driving an electric car. When you need to recharge, the break can take a comical turn. That's what happened to this young man who stopped at a gas station to "fill up" his Tesla Model 3.

The driver seems determined to put gas in his electric sedan since he normally inserts his credit card before dialing his code. He then grabs the nozzle and tries to insert it into the car's charging plug. Apparently, this does not seem to work well.

The man then starts checking his smartphone for a little assist. After a few seconds on the web, he finally understands that his sedan prefers electrons to gasoline and shouts a huge "f&%#". The comedy scene was recorded by the person behind who clearly must not have seen the minutes go by.


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  • This is a fake video, these people have made several like it...... who is the buffoon now?

      1 day ago