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Guy turns his Ford Festiva into a lawnmower

An unusual second life

6d ago

When you have a large area to mow, it is better to choose a powerful and durable mower. If you don't want to get too tired, you can even opt for a tractor mower or, even better, a robot mower that does the work for you. One person has come up with a much more original solution.

The youtuber Ginger Billy had the somewhat bizarre idea of transforming his venerable Ford Festiva into a comfortable lawnmower. It's impossible to cut yourself, get dirty or even sunburn while mowing! As you can see, the American city car has had its rear section cut off.

In place of the rear seat is a 600cc Briggs & Stratton engine that drives the blades under the vehicle at the rear. This engine can be started from the driver's seat, where there is also air conditioning and a radio for listening to music while working.

In addition, the Festiva has been painted in the green and yellow colours of the famous John Deere brand on its bodywork. Discover this particular vehicle in the video below!

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