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Guys and Gals,

We have worked hard and long to create a critical mass on drivetribe. It feels like we are close and I'm looking for ideas to leverage the success. Drop me a note or comment if you have any great ideas on where we go from here?

Thank you everybody for your hard work!


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  • Hi Ben!:

    I have not a big idea, but a small one. Tell me where we can discuss this with DT administrators, as it involves retrieving statistical data and making a new field ("Score") to highlight users who do not have tribes but provide posts (or reposts) and bumps.


    There are thousands of users who are subscribed to tribes and whose DT recognition is 0 followers. It is necessary to give a merit score to these users for their joins, their posts and their bumps (1 point for each join, post or bump), in order to grant ticks as in Judo or 6-Sigma: green belt / green tick (> 1,000 points scored) and black belt / black tick (> 10,000 points scored)


    Recently, I have seen mega tribes (>50K users) where there is now only a little activity. If the users can get merits ("Score") probably a lot of those users will come back. All people seek merit, recognition (and love) in this life. As I say in my "All you need is Porsche" Tribe: Love this life.


    Concluding with a paraphrase: Love DT, but... Does DT love users? DT Admins: Show your love to those thousands of users, please.

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