Guys, the V10 is nearly dead!

And we only have another 3 years! *cries in petrolhead*

49w ago

We are constantly told that as the electric age dawns, big 'vee' engines are destined to be flung aside. They will be seen as dinosaurs of the past, the sort that out kids will say: 'Haha! Did you really drive that?' And yet, optimists like James May tell us that our petrolhead cars will live alongside their electric counterparts, exclusive to us car people, while the general public gets the electric Golf or 1 Series.

And yet, we have all failed to notice something. The V10 engine will be dead in the next 3 years.

The V10 engine has produced, arguably, the best and most characterful cars. The Carrera GT was a race car that wasn't so much honed for the road, but attached to some number-plates and consequentially driven into ditches by the world's wealthiest. The LFA was an incredibly fast revving Japanese mad-fest, that Clarkson and many other petrol-heads dibbed the best supercar... ever.

The Dodge Viper was a sports car into which Dodge said... why don't we put a MASSIVE truck engine in! Result? A car that drove like a truck but accelerated harder than the other comparatively teeny-engined muscle cars of the time. The V10 M5! The first M car that could reach over 200mph, while carrying three other rich businessmen in the back!

Nowadays, there are just three cars on sale that have a V10 engine plonked in. The Audi R8 V10, otherwise known as the 'Iron Man Audi' has lasted over 15 years, with smart looks and incredible speed making it an all time legend that's prices have gotten really low. (If you are going to get one, get it now for £30k before prices rise again!).

The Lamborghini Hurucan is the Audi's sibling, essentially the same car but with a hexagonal theme rather than a rectangular one. That's me being cynical though. And finally, and I'm not sure if this counts as a car anyway, the Ford E-Series Cargo Van has a V10. Nothing interesting to say about this one.

The Audi R8 has just been discontinued. You can only buy dealer stock now, and the R8 will never return with a combustion engined power-plant. The Ford E Series will be discontinued either this year or the next, in all likeliness. And the Lamborghini? Well, it has just had its midlife refresh, and looking at their future production plans, its non-V10 replacement will come in around 3 years time.

So yes, the V10 car will die. An illustrious line of history, ended by the coming of the electric age. The last W16 (the Chiron) will be replaced for electric power within 5 years with the takeover of Rimac. The naturally-aspirated V12 will not exist in 5 years time either. And yet, I think it is the V10 I am most sad about. The cars that have been built on this unique engine have not been mainstream, and most were not even well-rounded. And yet, these have been some of the best cars ever built. And in three years time, I will truly be sobbing.

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