I am actually gonna die with excitement.

Literally I am probably gonna have a heart attack.

This excitement comes as Renault announces the revival of the 5, as an EV Supermini!!!



How good is that? Actually don't answer I can tell you now it's very good indeed.

It is unusual I would get some excited about a little Renault hatch, but let me explain.

There is a bit of unrecognised fear, I feel, that as cars continue to grow proportionally as they have done throughout all of their history, that the smallest cars in the industry will inevitably become less and less popular and possibly die forever in the not so distant future. Word on the street (not that I ever leave my house to hear it) also suggests that with a push for electrification means small and nippy cars won't really work with the EV requirements such as heavy batteries. And I suppose that's sort of understandable in a round about sort of way. As of now, electric hot hatches aren't really a thing I don't believe. And if Renault can make this absolutely stunning icon work through electrification, it could quite literally make history.

I mean just imagine this was as fun to drive as it has been for me to look at admirably for the last 10 minutes. It is just fantastic what sort of design is going on here. It's what with a play of words you might consider 'simply mad'. Not because it's overly intrusive in its existence, but it is quite 'out-there' without being overbearing. So it's kind mad in essence, but in a simple manner all the same. You follow? No? It doesn't matter, point is I am madly in love.

There have been rumours circulating about this revival rather recently, but overall I think it's been marvelously kept on the low down, and that makes the news even more interesting. With so much doubt being cast on the development of electric cars I think this, along with other cars like the Taycan for example, could shine a bit of light on the possibilities for eco-fun, a term which I have always dreaded hearing.

Anyway just marvel at the car for a minute (with the gallery courtesy of Autocar in case I have to mention it):

I am besotted by this thing. The 5 is back ladies, gentlemen, and let's not forget gentleladies. Please tell me you are as excited for this car as I am!

Sank you very much for reading. I know it's only brief.

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