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Gymkhana Ten is coming – Ken Block teases his biggest film yet

In 2018 the world gets more Ken Block greatness with Gymkhana Ten and an all-new documentary series The Gymkhana Files, are you excited?

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After the brilliance that was ‘Climbkhana,’ Ken Block has announced his next full-on smokingly sideways film with the reveal of Gymkhana Ten and the added bonus of an exclusive Amazon Original documentary series ‘The Gymkhana Files’.

This brief preview is a two-minute look at what’s to come in the tenth instalment of the Gymkhana series. This time Block has decided to totally mix it up massively by turning everything up to eleven. Gymkhana Ten will feature five different Ford racecars, two of which are completely new, with a third unseen car being purpose-built from the ground up especially for Block himself – Think similar to the Hoonicorn Mustang build, but even more extreme with more insanity.

All of these five Ford racecars will be raced to the raggedy edge across five different locations around the world.

What we can see in this preview trailer is that Block’s WRC-Spec Ford Escort RS Cosworth and the Hoonicorn V2 being flung fully sideways around various city locations. As for the new cars?

The preview clip shows a glimpse of what could well be a 1970’s Ford F150. Could Gymkhana Ten be the first time we get to see Block slide a pick-up truck properly sideways? We certainly hope so, as it would be a massive departure from the previous car choices used in the other Gymkhana shorts.

Credit - Ken Block/Facebook

Credit - Ken Block/Facebook

If Gymkhana Ten is not enough Ken Block for you in 2018, then Amazon have you covered. As part of the announcement, it’s been confirmed that an all-new unscripted documentary series titled ‘The Gymkhana Files’ will air exclusively on Amazon TV.

The documentary will be a no-holds-barred look behind the scenes of Gymkhana Ten and the previous nine films. It will follow Block and his team offering complete access as they bring the Gymkhana films to life. This series will also showcase Blocks life, including what he gets up to when he is not slaying all tyres in very fast Ford’s.

Are you excited for even more Ken Block in 2018? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Ken Block is talking to DriveTribe live from SEMA on 31 October 5PM GMT/10AM PDT

Credit - Larry Chen

Credit - Larry Chen

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  • He'll wear his tyres out at this rate.

      3 years ago
    • Just a little bit, along with his driveshafts and pretty much every other component

        3 years ago
  • Why doesn't he drop any of this stuff in his official Tribe?

      3 years ago