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  • I can’t think of one good reason for Haas to remain in F1 beyond 2020. Gene Haas boldly went where few American teams dare tread, when he threw millions at F1.

    Previous to his F1 experience, Gene Haas enjoyed considerable success in all of his motor racing endeavors and had a pretty good time in the process.

    F1 proved irresistible for this very successful and universally respected business man. However, after four long years, wallowing at the back of the grid, while shelling out millions of dollars, he is no closer to his original goal of competing at the sharp end of the grid.

    F1 is a tech parade that few organizations can successfully compete in. There was a day when a privateer team, like Williams, Tyrell, Sauber, Arrows, Jordan, etc, could survive and perhaps thrive in F1 but those days are long gone. If you’re not a manufacturer or wholly backed by one, you’re simply throwing away your children’s inheritance with very little hope of quantifiable success.

    I hope Gene Haas returns to the states and directs his considerable resources and motorsports experience at IndyCar where he will be a valued addition to the grid. I’d love to see a HAAS INDYCAR program competing with Penske, Andretti, Ganassi and now McLaren. His involvement will help IndyCar establish itself as THE racers series, where close racing and heated competition throughout the grid is the norm.

      9 months ago