Hackers steal 600 gallons of petrol in broad daylight

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600 gallons of petrol have been stolen from a Detroit petrol station in the middle of the day, WJBK reports.

Detroit Police are reportedly desperately trying to work out how hackers managed to infiltrate the petrol station's computer system, fill up 10 vehicles' tanks over 90 minutes and drive away without paying for their $1,800 (£1,359) in petrol.

Customer Ida Lewis said what many are thinking: 'I can't even imagine how they could pull that off without the gas people inside knowing. Couldn't they shut the pumps off?'

In response to that statement over the incident, which took place on 23 June, the employee who was on duty at the time, Aziz Awadh, said: 'I tried to stop it here from the screen but the screen's not working. I tried to stop it from the system; nothing working (sic).'

Awadh insisted that he continually tried to stop the thieves in their tracks, but to no avail. He places the blame firmly with the computer system, saying that he had to revert to an emergency kit to finally shut the pump down and then call the police.

Police say they believe the pump was hacked via a remote device at around 1pm local time. They are reportedly unsure if the 10 people in the cars which drove away with the stolen petrol were actually in on the crime.

The owner of the petrol station refused to give up surveillance video upon request. Police confirmed that the hackers did make it impossible to turn off the pump from the inside.

The investigation continues.

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