Halloween special: Check out the ideal pumpkin carving for a petrolhead

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To some, today might not mean more than the end of the tenth month of 2019. However, to most of us, the 31st of October is a day to celebrate all things that send us into a paralytic state of fear. That’s right, today is Halloween.

In our little community of anorak wearing enthusiasts, it may seem that the passion for fuel, tyres and loud engines is exempt from the frightening festival. That’s where we’re all wrong as a Reddit user that goes by the name of PrettyTarable has shown off their pumpkin for this year.

Yes, their interpretation of this yearly tradition of carving shapes into vegetables has brought it into the motoring world. Instead of a bunch of poorly cut triangles, this pumpkin features the most feared sign in the car community: the check engine light.

Somehow, it even flashes which draws more attention to the horrifying sight. I’m guessing that instead of a candle, the interior of the jack-o’-lantern is filled with a more modern LED light. Even if it were a candle glowing from within, it would have given a very fun flickering effect.

Carving pumpkins into a motoring themed shape isn’t a new idea. In fact, every year, our social media feeds get inundated with photos of orange vegetables with some sort of car related joke or design. Some go for the simpler logos while others decide to outdo their neighbours and attempt to recreate their favourite car in herbaceous form.

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  • Nissan made one for me to scare everyone else

    14 days ago
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  • No can't say I have but a carving of a smart car would probably be a good start. Nothing scarier than that. Lol

    14 days ago
    2 Bumps