From Prestige Imports in Miami to Homestead Miami Speedway, there was plenty of food and entertainment as we highlight some of the coverage with this photo journal. Enjoy!

Home Base

Guy Fawkes takes notice of all the interesting exotics lining the parking lot at Prestige Imports in North Miami

Playboy bunny checking out some Porsches

Ceramic Pro

The Mario Kart crew

Mario Kart with Brett David riding Yoshi

Mario Kart, Karts

Javier Roque

DJ spinning some tunes

Sweet treats in lieu of tricks

Costume Winners

Team NASA with their NASA wrapped Tesla

Hugh Hefner and his playboy bunny

Colonel Sanders and his chick

Aladdin and Jasmine

Jack O Lambo

Rally Begins

We follow each other, single file. We get stuck behind a Bugatti (let's not rear-end this one).

As we turn we see the line

The Bugatti takes off into the clouds

Rest Stop Break

After 1 hour of driving we stop and take over a rest stop

Clearly some require refueling

Elsa sings "Let it go"

Martial law steps in

This side of the lot is dead

That's a wrap

Brett says it's time to hit the road

Rally On

We head back out

With some help from the boys in blue

The Bugatti gets ahead of us

Ferraris and Lamborghinis behind us

Pista to our right

Road narrows

It starts to get dark

We make it to Homestead Miami Speedway as the sun starts to set

Homestead Miami Speedway

We arrive and head to pit row

Costumes and all

The first ones line up

The lights come on and it's time for the track

134 cars made the rally this year


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