- James goes in search of terrifying visions while at work - same as every other day then (Photo BBC)

Halloween Tales - James May in search of freakish apparitions

42w ago


I like a good ghost story but you'd think James May was used to freakish apparitions, after all he works with two all year round, but in 2011 he went in search of ghosts on his 'James May's Manlab' programme and well and truly scared himself silly.

Having said he believes people might see apparitions but he doesn't believe in tortured souls wandering the Earth, James and a colleague wander like tortured souls around an old apparently haunted castle hotel.

James and the team spend the night at Lympne Castle, now a hotel, the first castle there was built in the 1080s for the Archdeacons of Canterbury on the edge of a cliff looking over the Romney Marshes. It was rebuilt in the 14th century with a tower added at each end, so its age certainly means there is potential for ghosts and it is reportedly haunted by several apparitions which are regularly seen by guests..

Wired with heart monitors and night vision goggles (Photo: BBC)

I think that's pretty scary don't you?

James and the director were kitted out with heart monitors, skin sensors and night vision goggles and sent off to wander around the castle in deep dark night. They get so scared they have to employ stress management techniques for breathing and heart rate control. It can't have been scarier than facing Clarkson in a dressing room though, surely?

Here's a short clip of them being scared half to death.

If you want to watch the full version, and it is very entertaining, here's the full episode, the ghost hunting starts at 27 mins and 23 seconds in .....mmwwwhahahaaha....


I won't give too much of the game away, but they really do get genuinely scared and it's worth a watch on this day of ghosts and scary things.

Have you seen anything you can't explain or ever been on a ghost hunt? Would you stay overnight in a haunted castle? Let me know what you think in the comments below.