#HalloweenOnDT: What car would you choose to survive a zombie apocalypse?

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    The idea of an imminent zombie apocalypse has been around for decades. People always think it's going to happen and many of us just assume it never will, but after a year like 2020, it looks like a worryingly near problem we may have to face one day.

    So, with this in mind and in the spirit of #HalloweenOnDT I started to wonder what car I would choose to survive a zombie apocalypse in.

    Now, there are so many different ways you could go. Do you start with a fast supercar which you turn into a sort of 'Safari spec'? Or do you go with someting bigger like a van or a pickup truck/large SUV?

    It's a very tricky decision to make but I want to come up with an answer because I want to save myself from being eaten by a zombie. My initial thought when I came up with this idea was of course a Mercedes Unimog or a Ford F-150. They're big, scary, fast(ish) and can cover most terrain, but then my mind wondered...

    I also considered a Sherp ATV and if you don't know what one of those is, you better google it. But than again, it's slightly too small. But while I'm on the subjest of small I also considered something along the lines of a Porsche 992 911 Safari which I could commission, but if I was going to do that, surely a Nissan GT-R would be better?

    There is also the thought of a sort of Audi RS6 Allroad which would be amazing but much like the 911 and GT-R, that would be too low. As much as I would want one, I'm not sure it woule be wise.

    After a lot of hard thinking, I have settled on a good old Toyota Land Cruiser/Lexus LX of any year but preferably newer than 25 years old. Not onlyt does this have lots of space but it is also reliable, good on fuel, quick enough, good off-road and ver customisable, not to mention parts would be available all over the world.

    So yeah, I would take a Land Cruiser. But I would be very interested to hear what you'd take!

    Comment your Zombie Apocalypse vehicle below!

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