Hamann's BMW M2

2y ago


So it looks like Hamann have done it again, this time they have turned their German tuning hands to the BMW M2. However, this isnt like Hamann's normally creations which are quite over the top but stylish. This is more subtle and sleek. They have obviously added their customized Hamann bodykit to it but nothing to give it that stereotypical Hamann look. Tuning wise they have increased the M2 from 370bhp to 420bhp and can now go from 0-62 in 4.2 seconds which is only a 0.3 increase. They have given it some mapping aswell which then takes the torque up by 48lb ft up to 391lb ft. The best part about it is their own sports exhaust system which they have added to this M2 to make it sing like a canary!

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