Hamilton and Rossi swap seats

The F1 champion gets to swap seats with the GOAT Valentino Rossi

1y ago

You can imagine how the conversation went, and we're pretty sure both parties were thrilled with the proposition of trying out each other's machines. Rossi famously tested Michael Schumacher's Ferrari all the way back in 2007. He did very well, just 0.7 seconds off the pace of the front runners.

Hamilton has also ridden Yamaha superbikes in the past, and was even told to slow down a bit by his mentor Alex Lowes!

You can see the video here on the MotoGP website

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Comments (2)

  • Imagine riding around the GP track with Rossi... jeeezus!

      1 year ago
  • Two legends together, great video. Will we ever have another John Surtees?

    The only World Champion on two and four wheels.

      1 year ago