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Hamilton has a heartfelt message for his dad Anthony

The Brit was in a reflective mood lately.

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Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has shared a heartfelt message for his father Anthony as relation between the two has improved hugely since the breakout.

Anthony has been mentor and manager of Hamilton since childhood and has gone out of his way to help the Brit to reach in F1 and eventually become a world champion. The talent got the right momentum needed after sacrifices from his family.

It was all hunky-dory until Hamilton won his first F1 title with McLaren in 2008 and couldn't retain it in 2009. The relationship started to crumble, professionally and also personally, which eventually led to them away from each other for some years.

Hamilton took charge on his own and things gradually started to improve. Anthony stayed away from his professional matters and supported him as his father. The relation has drastically improved between the two now as they spend quality time together.

Not just with him but with both his mother as well. Hamilton often speaks about family time, especially in current times, and shares about meeting with them. Recently, he spend quality time with Anthony in the United States of America.

While traveling to Singapore this week, Hamilton reflected on the time spent with his father as he shared a heartfelt and emotional message. "Our journey hasn’t been an easy one, we’ve faced so many obstacles as individuals but also as a family," he wrote.

"My dad and I haven’t had the easiest of relationships. He worked so hard to create an opportunity for us as a family and because of him I am where I am today. In the search for success, with all the pressure it put on us all, we were so immersed in the drive to succeed that we that we lost sight of what was most important, our relationship.

Over time, we lost that father son bond and it has been something we have both wanted back for so long. the past couple years we’ve been growing closer and this winter break I asked my dad to come visit me so we could spend some time together, just us.

"We hadn’t done this before so to finally get to spend quality time with him has brought me so much happiness. I just wanted to share this with you. Family is the most important thing in the world.

"You can’t chose your family but you can make it work with them no matter your differences, they are the ones that will be there when you have nothing. Sending everyone positivity and love."

Hamilton is preparing for the 2020 F1 season and with holidays nearing an end, he is getting back into the groove. Mercedes is to launch W11 on February 14, the car which the Brit will be hoping that will help him equal Michael Schumacher's seven titles record.

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