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Hamilton leaves fans on a sarcastic note after qualifying

With fans still bitter about the incident at Silverstone, the 7-time world champion faced a lot of hate yesterday

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Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton had a decent qualifying yesterday where he scored his 101st pole in Formula 1. His teammate, Valterri Bottas also set a good pace getting P2 yesterday. This put the Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen in a disappointing P3.

Many fans were still angry and bitter about the incident that occurred in Silverstone last week where Max Verstappen spun out at Copse Corner and had to be sent to the hospital. Some fans were unhappy as they thought Lewis Hamilton had done it on purpose.

Therefore, when the Brit qualified for pole position yesterday, many fans were booing at him during the post-qualifying interviews. That was when Hamilton left all the haters with a very sarcastic comment.

"I have never felt so great with the booing," he said. "If anything, it just fuels me. So I don't really mind it. It was an amazing qualifying lap that last one."

He continued further, "Amazing teamwork from everyone this weekend, trying to push the car forward developing constantly. It has been amazing to see everyone rallying together.

"Great having a front-row lockout for our team, first time for a long time."

His teammate, Valterri Bottas defended Hamilton during the interview as well.

"I don't think it's fair," the Finn said.

"We are here as athletes to do the best we can in the sport we love. Lewis did an amazing lap at the end and people should question themselves about this behaviour. It's not right and we don't want to hear those things."

This was only one of the hate incidents that Lewis faced. He faced racist abuse for a week on social media.

There was also a banner made by some fans to threaten Hamilton at the Hungaroring:

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Verstappen on the other hand was disappointed with his performance at the qualifying.

"The whole weekend we have been a bit behind and it showed again in qualifying. Not what we wanted but we are still there in third and will see what we can do," the Dutchman admitted.

Carlos Sainz was unfortunately knocked out of the qualifying in Q2 as he spun right out of the track, therefore, having to start in P15.

Mick Schumacher as well crashed in Practice 3 resulting in him being unable to qualify and starting last on the grid.

With all this drama, you would be mad not to stay tuned for the main remainder of the battle: the race.

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Comments (4)

  • Oh for goodness sake! He's paid to drive in circles as fast as he can. All else is in your imagination. Why are you giving this individual special status as regards a jot that he utters. That isn't what he's good at. His USP is going fast in circles, just as yours might be teaching thirteen year olds geography, or working in a bank, or fixing PCs, or whatever the heck it is you earn your living doing. Nobody gives a fig about anything you say, so why do you care less what this fellow says?

      1 month ago
  • 🧐 think Lewis’s pet… my apologies Lewis’s teammate is overreacting with the booing situation.

    It’s a bit normal for there to be rejection from the title challengers fans, specially after the accident of the last race at Silverstone. I do think the banner is a step too far though, it shows a bit of diversity with the fans.

    👏🏼Lewis dealt with the situation with a perfect/cheeky reaction whereas 😶Valtteri came across as hurt and overwhelmed by it. It’s maybe just the era we live in now with people being soft getting hurt and offended to easily.

    Valtteri should take notes from Lewis’s reaction…“I appreciate the great support I have here. Honestly, I've never actually felt so great with the booing, if anything it just fuels me, so I don't really mind it” Valtteri should do the same with backlash and use it to add fuel to his fire 🔥…. If he has one that is.

      1 month ago
    • Lewis, like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Kanye West and many others is just a massive troll. It's humor for him.

        1 month ago
    • Thats true isn’t it, he’s very fitting to that group.

        1 month ago