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Hamilton not with cutting trees for Rio F1 track; Vettel buys Aston shares

The Brit doesn't feel right with trees being cut as the German buys shares of Aston Martin.

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Lewis Hamilton is not comfortable with F1 building a new race circuit in Rio de Janeiro by cutting down trees as Sebastian Vettel reveals of having shares of Aston Martin.

In the week leading to F1 Eifel GP, a letter from Chase Carey was released by Motorsport Network, which marked the American stating that Liberty Media has agreed to a deal with Rio Motorsports, to have a brand new circuit built in in Rio de Janeiro.

It would replace Interlagos, whose deal ends in 2020 with the race already cancelled due to COVID-19. The relation between the organisers and Liberty Media isn't top notch either, which is another reason to move to Rio, which is also to stage a MotoGP race.

The block that Rio is facing is cutting down massive number of trees in the area amid cries of deforestation and climate change issues. The organisers, though, is positive as they would plant more number of trees that they end up cutting for the track.

In fact, they want to make the track with a certificate of net zero carbon, while also be sustainable in their efforts not only towards the track but the adjoining areas. Even with the proposed efforts, Hamilton doesn't seem convinced, like many others.

"I heard it is potentially going to be a sustainable race," said Hamilton to media including Racefans.net, Motorsport Network, Reuters, BBC, AMuS and more. "But the most sustainable thing you can do is not tear down any trees. I don't have the details of why, but it's not something I personally support.

"I don’t think it’s a smart move. There is a global crisis with deforestation. My personal opinion is the world doesn’t need a new circuit. There are plenty of circuits that are great and I love Interlagos. I have been to Rio, and it's a beautiful, beautiful place," summed up Hamilton.

The statement from Rio Motorsports stated: "The suppression of these 70 thousand trees will be compensated by planting another 700,000 trees, part of them within the land itself, which will make the area with vegetation larger than it is today. In addition, about 810,000m² of land - the equivalent of 75 football fields - will be used entirely with adopting conservationist and preservationist practices in support of the natural heritage."

Talking about the COVID-19 positive case in Mercedes, Hamilton felt it will be hard work for the German F1 team at their home weekend. "Naturally, it's sad to hear that, for the guys that work so hard," he said. "We've had this week in-between, and those guys work so hard to stay safe and to be here on the weekends. So it's definitely a concern.

I can't say what it's going to do to the weekend. We have a lot of great people within our team, it's not just about one person. We'll try and make him proud this weekend, and it's just going to take a different type of work, a lot of work, to make sure that we continue on without any disturbances."

Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas added: "I think for sure, as a driver, the last thing you want is to get it. It would definitely mean at least missing one race, maybe more. We had one example of that already, so we are being as cautious as we can, following the protocols, try to be sensible, and stay in the bubble.

"Of course sometimes it can be a matter of luck. It's pretty contagious. We're all trying to do the best we can not to get it. Of course it's unfortunate that one team member got it, but I fully trust how the team is handling everything, following all the protocols and doing everything we can to make sure that it stops there in that one case. I have all the trust in that."

Sebastian Vettel with shares in Aston Martin:

Like Toto Wolff, the to-be Racing Point driver, Vettel, on Thursday revealed that he has bought shares of Aston Martin as well, with his deal to race for the F1 outfit from 2021 onward. The German did not throw out the amount but agreed that he has bought them.

"Everybody is free to do what they want with their money, Aston Martin is a public company and everyone is free to invest in the company," said Vettel to media including Racer. "If you’re asking if I have shares in the company? I have. How much?

"I think it’s a secondary thing which I won’t talk about.  I believe in the project. I decided to go with the project and I am excited to see what happens when we kick off next year and I am starting for a new team," he added, while talking about Sergio Perez.

"There are not that many seats open still," he said. "I don’t know if Checo is talking to anyone so I don’t know if he’s definitely out. I don’t know. You guys are making the news so I think you know a bit more than me, at least sooner than me.

"It would be a shame. He’s a driver that deserves to be in F1. I don’t know what options he has or what he wants to do, but maybe you know more," summed up Vettel, as he readies for his home weekend at Nurburging.

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