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Hamilton rates 2019 Mercedes efforts a 6/10

The British driver gave his team six out of ten regarding their work in 2019.

1y ago

Mercedes have had a stellar season in 2019, winning both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships in dominant fashion. Despite the fruitful results, six-time champion Hamilton felt more could have been done by the team at certain races.

Even though the results for Mercedes were top notch, some of the shortcomings were over-shadowed as the team handled it well to not let it affect their performance on track. This was one reason as to why Hamilton only six out of 10 for their performance.

The Brit, though, did note that the team can be happy with their efforts this season, as they head into 2020. “On the team side, I would give our team a 6 out of 10,” said Hamilton to media in Abu Dhabi. “This is just because we’ve not been perfect all the time.

“There were some races that we could have rounded off and done better. Yet we can be happy with the job we’ve done. Definitely, there are improvements that can be made and that’s the reason why I am not so anxious about the next season.

“The 2019 season can be summed up from a technical point of view where in we can say that like all other teams we too had some super-high targets to achieve too.” Looking at the season with a broader scope aside the teething issues, Hamilton hailed the efforts.

“[Aside the few troubles] we can say that 2019 has been an incredible season [for Mercedes],” said Hamilton. “It just feels like it’s been long. We are very proud of the job we’ve done. The great thing now is how to get these things get done in a better way.

“That’s merely because we have the experience of getting these things done in a better way. I know it’s not going to be easy, but we’ve got to still strive for perfection. We don’t know what sort of obstacles we’ve got lined up ahead, but we are prepared for any.”

[This story was written by me for FormulaRapida, and edited by Darshan Chokhani]

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Comments (7)

  • Well if that is the case, I give Hamilton a season rank of 4/10. He didn't win all the races 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1 year ago
  • Six?! Get out!

      1 year ago
    • I thought the same. It being a news article, I kept my opinion out of it, but only six???? A measly SIX???

        1 year ago

        1 year ago
  • Wow! To give the team (which includes himself) a six shows why he is a six time world champion. He’s basically saying to the other teams that not only are they going to be even better next year but also that they’re not sat back on their laurels thinking they’ve peaked, which is what you’d expect from a winning team!

    Sounds to me like Hamilton has already dealt a huge psychological blow to every other team in the paddock ahead of 2020... great move

      1 year ago
  • Has the man been smoking some heavy duty stuff or something? I get that being a F1 world champion you must be critical on your team to get the most out of them but judging them as 6/10 is nothing short of rude. Despite the challenge from other teams, finally, they managed to win both the drivers and constructors championship for the sixth year in a row. And that is worth just a 6? Bullshit.

      1 year ago