Hammond reveals the dangers and perils of "Lockdown"

Also, what was the idea behind the trip?

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The "Lockdown special" in which the three boys drive massive American cars under the rain while nearly killing each other is launching in just about a day's time. Just before July the 30th however, Hammond recently got interviewed by "This Morning", giving us an insight on the perils and disasters the threesome came across during the Scottish trip. But first, what was the whole point of this trip?

It turns out Jeremy, James, and Richard set off to find an answer to this question: Why did American muscle cars never make it to Britain back when they three were kids and not replace some of the random selection of Fords and Vauxhalls they'd see on the streets. All three would be watching films featuring huge V8 American automobiles on the television but as soon as they'd then glimpse at the nearest street from their house's windows, the motoring view would be boring and uneventful. That got them thinking: "Wait a minute, why weren't those available over here? I mean even if we couldn't have them ourselves why didn't we look out on the streets and see them?" Hammond then thought of how these cars could have improved people of the 1960s: " It might have made us better more optimistic people, it could have been important". Naturally then, they decided to buy three of these typically American cars and drive them across some of the magnificent (and sometimes appalling due to the weather) Scottish weather just close enough to home so that Covid wasn't too much of an issue.

Next up, Hammond talked about some of the mishaps that accrued during the making of the Lockdown special. One accident Richard spent a bit of time explaining was when he had to attach the long and heavy pontoon we see in the trailer to some sort of transport so it could then get moved around the place.

Of course, Richard being Richard, he went with a nearby small and fragile fisherman's boat and with the roop tied to the top of that boat, as he tried to pull it, "completely unexpectedly it flips the boat and sinks" with Jeremy still onboard. Luckily for Hammond, the life jacket he was wearing at least meant he could splash about in the freezing water-saving himself from the unbirminghham-like scenery. Unfortunately for him though, he then realized how much more useful the life jacket would have been if he'd pulled the cord linked to it so it could then inflate and work properly, not just working as extra weight on his body when he was trying to get back to shore. "Yeah, that's stupid".

This is just one of the stupid and perilous moments we'll be greeted with when watching The Grand Tour's Lockdown special and anyway, I have linked the "This Morning" interview right below the article to let you find out more of what Hammond thinks of Clarkson's farm, where the idea behind his car auction project came from, and what's next in the world of Grand Tour specials. Leave whatever comments you want below and as ever, thanks for reading.

The "This morning" interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=__XjZVgWX7M

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  • they wanted 60s muscle cars so of course they all got 70s "luxury" cars.

      1 month ago
    • Perfectly fine by me, always wanted to see the three wise men grapple with malaise era land yachts.

        1 month ago