- Hope Classic Rally

Hammond's Mustang GT 390 on Hope Classic Rally near Oliver

It is an opportunity to drive it or Oliver! And to help poor children of Africa

Next year, new races are being prepared, in which Richard Hammond takes an active part with Oliver and Mustang cars, which do not break down and for this Richard loves them very much. The money earned at this event will go to the fund for helping children and young people in Africa.

Most of all, Richard likes the Mustang brand and as he recently told on the Warsaw Motor Show in a car on the way to the airport, he loves Mustang for the most important thing, because it does not break. Although I assumed that he loves Mustang for his sense of freedom and the feeling that everything can be overcome. Everything logically boils down to the fact that the Mustang should not break. Freedom is when not to break. It seems to me that Richard Hammond intuitively acquires everything American, because he has a passion for discoveries and travels.

You have an unique opportunity to look at how this organization works and find out a little more ... And if you have not done so, be sure to read my articles on the topic of these races!

This is a photograph of the Mustang GT 390 by Richard Hammond. In the future I hope to see this wonderful car in video and from different angles, as well as the magnificent and most lively and funny car Oliver!

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