Hang on a minute...That's not right?

Bjørn Werner larsen did the unthinkable to his original e30 m3!

4y ago
I do what I want to my own stuff.

I do what I want to my own stuff.

Don’t mind the haters

Bjørn Werner was aware that he might get in a little hot-spot by doing the conversion he has done with his car, but is very clear on the fact that it is his car- therefore he does what he wants. However the reception of the build has been mostly overwhelmingly positive. And why shouldn’t it?

Tidy but not boring.

Tidy but not boring.

That’s profoundly deep, dude….

«The Office» is kept tidy- The dashboard is clothed – or flocked, the steeringwheel is from the Sport Evolution, and the gloves are – well, awesome. Whats even more awesome, is the gearshifter which Bjørn Werner customized. It’s got both the M3 emblem, and the shiftpattern from the Nissan Skyline. Just to confuse people, really.

Come again? Skyline?

Come again? Skyline?

All wrong!

It’s not just the wrong letters underneath a BMW-hood, but Bjørn Werner found out that the RB-engine he chose specifically, was shit at what he wanted it to do. The RB26 got some lubrication-issues when driven hard on track, so it has undergone some serious upgrading

Fits like a glove.

Fits like a glove.

Tight fit?

Well, not really. The original engine sits really far up front, so when the RB-engine was mounted as far back as possible- as well as a bit lower, the space was actually great, and the weight-distribution was too.

Wings that doesn't make you fly.

Wings that doesn't make you fly.

Push it. Push it real good.

Well. It’s a flap. It’s a flap from the Sport Evolution. And its job is real simple. Make sure there is downforce when needed the most, so that all talent isn’t stripped from the driver in the first high-speed corner.

What Porsche really does best, is stopping.

What Porsche really does best, is stopping.

Stop. In the name of…

Porsche actually. Bjørn Werner has worked a bit to get the brakes from a 996 to fit the E30. It bites on some rotors from Performance Friction. At the rear its got Zimmerman rotors and E36 M3 calipers.
Might we add that this car is streetlegal in strict Norway, with every component found on it.

Bjørn Werner Larsen

Age: 29.
From: Norway.
Status: Taken.

Time this took:
Getting the RB26 in, took about 1,5 year. Owned the car since 2007.

This your only ride?
No. I got a 2016 VW Polo 1.2TSI white R-line with 18-inch wheels and it’s lowered.

BMW E30 M3

Motor: RB26DETT fra R32GTR.

Effekt: 384hp@6324rpm / 510nm @ 3664rpm @wheels.

Standard block and head ¤ 6Boost T4 twin scroll headers ¤ Borg Warner EFR 7064 ¤ 92AR T4 Twin scroll turbo ¤ Bosch Motorsport injectors ¤ MAXXEcu pnp enginemanagement for R32GTR ¤ Wiring Specialities wiring after my specs¤ ARP bolts in head, exhaustmanifoil, con rods, crank og pressureplate ¤ ATI 1000HP superdamper ¤ Original inlet ¤ Bosch 044 fuelpump ¤ AN6 fuel-lines ¤ Original pressure-regulator ¤ Greddy kevlar register ¤ Nissan N1 waterpump ¤ JUN Machineshop oilpump flow prepped by EBB-Tech ¤ Balansed crankshaft, weightadjusted rods and pistons by EBB-Tech ¤ ACL Race rod og crankbearings ¤ Nippon pistonrings ¤ Borred oil-returngallery in head and block to improve oilflow ¤ 1.2mm oilrestrictor in block ¤ Block is pressuretested and improved in every possible, same with head ¤ ¤ Handmade pressure-pipings ¤ Kina intercooler which cooled better than Mishimoto-cooler first used ¤ Modified Mishimoto radiator ¤ MOCAL oilcooler ¤ HKS Type R filter-relocator with thermostat ¤ Modified GTR oilpan with JUN modifications ¤ Mine's modifications in head ¤ Benchmark coils ¤ NGK sparkplugs ¤ Handmade catchtank ¤ Extra oilreturn/airing from head to oilpan ¤ Fittings from Torques in the UK ¤ Roose Motorsport silicone hoses for the cooling ¤ Custom waterpiping after own specs from BMP Conversions in the UK ¤ Custom waterpipings on the outside of firewall ¤ Cometic gasket kit ¤ ITG aifrilter ¤ Custom 3-inch exhaust system with muffler from Kimmit.

Work Meister S1 3p. 8.5x18 ET10 front and 9x18 ET18 rear.

Wilwood pedalbox on mod Garagistic bracket ¤ Front – Porsche 996 calipers on brackets from Millway Motorsport ¤ Performance Friction V3 rotors from E46M3. Performance Friction 11 Compound pads ¤ Hoses from RallyRoad.
Rear – E36M3 på custom brackets ¤ Zimmermann OEM rotors ¤ Performance Friction 11 Compound pads ¤ Goodridge hoses.

Front - Intrax 1K2 ARC Black Titan coilovers ¤ Motorsport24 ackermann arms with neutral angle ¤ Intrax topmounts with justerbar camber og caster ¤ Originalt stabstag i powerflex bushings with Turner Motorsport adjustable controlarms ¤ Original suspensionarms with Treehouse Racing bushings ¤ Z3 steeringrack with hydro-elektronic servo from Citroen Saxo ¤
Rear – Intrax 1K2 ARC Black Titan coilovers with remote reservoir ¤ Homemade topmounts ¤ Adjustable camber and toe from AKG Motorsport ¤ Delrin bushings from Millway Motorsport ¤ Reinforced ancoring for anti rollbar ¤ Original anti rollbar.

5-speed gearbox from R33 GTS-T (RB25) ¤ Homemade gearshifter with Nissan lower part, and BMW upper ¤ Driveshaft made by Powertrain with Nissan front yoke and E30M3 further back ¤ Original 188-diff with OS Giken Superlock LSD 1.5 way ¤ Originale rear axles, for now ¤ Balanced NISMO flywheel with Competition Clutch 6-puck sinter and balanced pressureplate.

Kumho Ecsta KU39 i 215/35-18 and 245/35-18 ¤ Yokohama 215/35-17 for track, will upgrade to 235/40-17 for 2017 season.

Flocket dash ¤ Sport Evolution steeringwheel ¤ Sport Evolution gearshifter with custom emblem ¤ Alcantara gear and handbrake upolstry with ///M stitching ¤ Recaro Pole Postion ABE seats ¤ Carbonplates here and there ¤ Massive Brakes DTM throttlepedal.

Custom painted blue ¤ Evolution/Cecotto front with Sport Evolution splitter ¤ Carbon airintake vents for brakes, dark Hella lights front ¤ Startec rearlights ¤ Sport Evolution grill and kidneys ¤ Carbon DTM mirrors from Motorsport24 ¤ Carbon Sport Evolution flap on rearwing.

Big thanks to: Mom and dad ¤ Simen Granlund which always is there! Raymond Skaar at RS Tuning ¤ Espen Seim ¤ Einar Kristoffer at Nordic Motorsport ¤ Arve Karlsen ¤ Nils Arne ¤ Tommy Fjeld ¤ Toyparts Bil og Motor ¤ Knut «Kadmekk» Dale ¤ Spencer Latham at BMP Conversions ¤ Martin Olsen ¤ EBB-Tech ¤ Tempe Dekkservice ¤ Villanger Dekk ¤ Hans Christian.

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  • great build and not just ls swap without much thought process.

      2 years ago
  • Wow awesome work and what a mix!

      3 years ago
  • His car, his taste ! Full respect to that and the execution !

      4 years ago
  • rb26 all the things \o/

      4 years ago
  • Thanx man! :)

      4 years ago