Happy 4th of July!

1y ago
- The Flathead Ford V-8. This is the engine that is responsible for America's love affair with V-8's.
- That Flathead was in this little '35 Ford Pick-Up.
- This Camaro was purchased, by the current owner in 1983. He was in his teens and drove the car for about 10 years.
- Before putting it in his basement, until about a year ago. After his teenage son finally talked him into dragging it out. You can see that it wears its history well. This is a true survivor car. Perfectly representing a period in time.
- Check out those slotted Mag wheels. This is one beautiful auto. BECAUSE of all the imperfections.
- One sweet little Chevy pick-up. How sweet?
- Pretty sweet and packing Hilborn fuel injection heat!
- This '33 Ford Coupe was looking good in the hot 4th sun.
- Powered by a Small Block Chevy.
- One nice SS Chevelle.
- This is one of the oddest uses of a '50 Ford 2-door sedan I've ever seen. I would have never thought about using one as a race car tow vehicle!
- No show would be complete without a Corvette!
- Station Wagons are cool!I
- This Willy's Jeep was a fresh rebuild and looked perfect.
- Something about these always looks painful to me. I'm sure the ride is horrible, but works well for its intended use.
- Again, Station Wagons are cool. This '55 Chevy was a beautiful example.
- While this isn't the engine that came with this '55, it is a Small Block Chevy Engine, from a '93 Chevy car. The '93 still had the front engine mounts that were only used in '55, cast into them. That's consistently!
- Truly, a nice '55.
- A good lookin' Nova and a '32 Ford Coupe.
- Now that's a nice Trans Am!
- A big 4-door Lincoln!
- A nice '31 Chevy Roadster Street Rod.
- With a LS engine! I hope everyone has a fun & safe 4th of July! Now if you'll excuse me I have to find a lighter, I got some fireworks to set off! 'Merica!

I spent my day at a small local Car Show... What else would I do on the birthday of freedom in North America?

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  • What a collection of cars... We jst dont get a line up like this in the u.k..

      3 years ago
    • No doubt, but I'm willing to bet you see more vintage MGs, Jags, Morgans & Triumphs than I will ever see! That's pretty cool!

        3 years ago
    • Good point well made!

        3 years ago
  • Bumped 2 DT USA Facebook 2day @2pm EST

      3 years ago
  • I love that 1935...I'm going to have to call it a ute, sorry.

      3 years ago
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      3 years ago