H​appy birthday, Ford Mustang!

T​he first ever pony car turns 57 today. Congratulations to the car that is so popular it was ordered 22,000 times on the day it was presented to the public. The Mustang in the pictures above is a 2015 GT Convertible by Hot Wheels.

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  • Happy birthday to the Mustang! I believe in 1964 they sold over 100,000, which was more like half a year, and in 1965 it sold (I think) over half a million units, which is still the highest number of an individual model in a single year

      2 months ago
    • Yeah, after one year they had sold 417,000 and after two years a million.

      (I obviously know these figures because of my genius and not because the Mustang is on my calender today and these numbers are written down on it.)

        2 months ago
    • 🤣 oh right! I was a little bit out! I must’ve been confused, I think the Falcon sold over half a million in its first year or something (my source is one of the videos about the Regular Car Reviews Vagabond Falcon, which I haven’t watched in...

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        2 months ago
  • That's a nice casting. Sharp.

      2 months ago
  • ayyyy I own the same car!

    Except in it's in red!

      1 month ago
  • Very nice photos! Very realistic in nature. Very nice casting as well! That blue looks gorgeous, especially on a 'Drop Top' 'Stang. I also appreciate the tampos that Hot Wheels decided to put some effort into for once. I also have a 2015 GT by Hot Wheels, but mine is the Hardtop and looks exactly like the one pictured below. Happy Birthday Mustang!

      2 months ago