Happy birthday, Opel Manta!

On a warm September day in 1970, around 400 journalists travelled to Schleswig-Holstein near Hamburg, Germany to test drive the all-new Manta, Opel's latest creation, a compact and stylish 2-door coupe. Fifty years later, around 40 Manta owners gathered near the beach Lübeck Bay on the Baltic Sea to celebrate the Manta's 50th anniversary in front of a guest of honour, Mr George Gallion, the father of the Manta A. Each participant received a special Manta drawing, signed by Gallion himself, to mark the occasion.

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  • Those were the days, when the big volume brands built coupes that were attainable! Looking at the Opel Manta, mk. 1 and 2 Scirocco, Ford Capri, Renault Fuego, Fiat 124 Coupe, Peugeot 504 coupé, Toyota Celica, Honda Civic coupé and CRX... I'm certain there's still a market for affordable, fun and/or beautiful coupés. Anyone else laments the fact that they aren't built anymore?

      8 months ago
  • My father had several of these. The best was the white mk2 berlinetta coupe which was owned for about 15 years. Every year we would take it out and drive it like a rally car when it snowed, but by far its greatest party trick was the way it would start first time, every time, regardless of how long it sat idle. It sat in a garage for over 4 years before we sold it and it cranked over first time. I'm not sure if the guy who took it off our hands restored it or used it as an Autograss car and was raced in its final years. Either way the Opel Manta will remain to me as one of the most indestructible machines ever made. I miss the days when they were affordable

      5 months ago
  • The time when Opel made great stuff.

      8 months ago
    • Absolutely!

      my mother had a 1971 white Manta A 1600S with black vinyl roof, it was awesome to look at, and very comfortable. My father had a 1973 yellow Opel GT/J.

      Opel really made some amazing looking cars back then...

        8 months ago
    • Specially the GT... Nice... And the Kapitaen, Diplomat and Senator beasts... Rekord, Ascona B..

        8 months ago
  • Used to love this car in its day and still looks fab 👍🏼

      8 months ago
  • Happy birthday, Opel Manta! @tribe

      8 months ago