Happy Finnish Christmas The Grand Tour Episode 6 Review

Finnish Christmas GT Style

2y ago

This Week the boys are in Lapland for the Christmas edition of The Grand Tour.

The Episode opens with the presenters in big puffy Jackets and Jeremy opens the show with his general introduction while making fun of Scandinavian films.

Ford Mustang Film (Richard Hammond /w Jeremy Clarkson)

They then properly open the show with a film on the new Ford Mustang were Richard Hammond goes to London to mark the rather funny occasion, and takes the new Mustang on a tour around London showing it the different sights of the Capital while Joking about big Ben and The Houses of Parliament and of course taking a dig at the trios previous show Top Gear.

Jeremy Clarkson then interrupts Hammond’s Tour of London in the Mustang to have a Race between the Mustang and the Ford Focus RS only for Jeremy to Prove a point that the Mustang is not needed in Britain.

The Next Segment of the show is Conversation Street where the presenters take a topic relative to the time of filming and talk about it in detail. This week they talk about driving in Scandinavia and how easy it is to have an accident also the fines that are available in Scandinavia for speeding.

Continuing with the Mustang film…

At this point Hammond is annoyed a Clarkson for turning up in the middle of the mustangs tour of London and ruining it thankfully though the issue is resolved with a friendly countryside race. Hammond Ends up losing Clarkson and is found at Cheddar Gorge and gives a bit of history on it to the Mustang.

Hammond Ends up abandoning his tour and heading to the nearest Airfield to teach Clarkson a lesson that the Mustang is faster than the Focus RS. Hammond wins the race.

They promote their own merchandise in The Grand Tour Land Grotto with Chess Sets teddy bears with Honda T-shirts, car branded pillow cases and car branded Christmas Jumpers

After The Grand Tour Branded Christmas Attire comes James May’s Ford GT Film he explains that all of what was outlined in the original clause written up by Ford Executives at the time was for nothing.

Ford GT40 Film (James May)

Henry Ford the second only had ten months to build a car that would crush Ferrari at Le Mans and as a result of the insane timetable came the Ford GT, thanks to the shape and the height of the car it promised to cut through the air like a missile. On its first outing the renamed GT 40 was fast but it was also terrifyingly unstable; spinning its wheels on the straights at 170 miles an hour.

The Following year Ferrari won the Le Mans Race, the year after however the American Giant returned to Le Mans with his hopes resting on the GT 40 that compete at Le Mans in 1966

Over in Italy Ferrari had produced the P3 worth £20 million it stood at 37.4 inches tall it was even lower. where the GT 40 boasted a Top Speed of over 210 miles an hour the P3 maxed out at just 190 but Enzo Ferrari was willing to trade outright speed for gains elsewhere.

At the 1966 Le Mans Race ford arrived with an armada eight cars, twenty tonnes of spares and a squad of world class drivers including Ken Miles himself.

What did i think of this episode?

I really liked the Ford GT Film and how it was carried across to the audience and it is interesting to learn about how Ford came to winning the 1966 Le Mans race.

this episode gets a 10/10 really well put together and very informative episode.


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