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Happy New Year! Unique record from Virgin Radio with James May

How James spending his holidays? What and for whom he prepared gifts... And Zombie Claus James are here too!:) More special cards from me...

Happy New Year to all of you! I wish everyone a lot of happiness, success, good luck, prosperity, love and infinitely much health! I wish you strength of spirit, always a good mood, endless happiness and wealth! I wish you love and prosperity in everything and everywhere, in the family and at work! I wish you a lot of peace, goodness and all the best always!

As my special gift, I made a set of beautiful dream cards about each of the presenters, which symbolize all the best and beautiful for them! :) Let all their kindest dreams come true and everything goes according to plan. I wish them a lot of happiness, kindness, best health!

A little about health ... I prepared a gift for the New Year ... I don’t know if it will reach James May's fan mail! After all, it is so big. But if everything goes according to plan, then it will. I will believe that James will want to open it, because I am trying to find the best recipe for its longevity and better health. I hope my package will be useful and helpful!

My art

My art

May happiness never end ...

For all fans of the show, I also have a special gift. Not even one. I made an unique recording of an interview with James May on Virgin Radio on December 13, 2019 about his plans for the New Year. And taste preferences ... Memories from childhood and ... about the gift that James brought from Japan. Everything is accompanied by beautiful photographs. This record cannot be found anywhere else :)

This short and the second version of the interview tape is accompanied by a photograph taken on Virgin Radio with James May. The full record with interviews with other stars can be found here.

TGT fans asked me a lot where I took a photograph of the real James May but in the form of ... Santa Claus!

My art

My art

It seems to me that each of the leading shows of the Grand Tour is suitable for the role of Santa, but James decided to become the real one.

Feel on a special day a little like a real child, waiting for a miracle, at a children's matinee, which you probably experienced when you were little and went to kindergarten ...

This is a performance from Absolute Radio

And in order to feel relaxed, forget about everything and start reading meditation with James May, you can again see the last year perfect greeting from The Grand Tour.

To get inspiration and a wonderful mood, watch the best TGT channel on YouTube

Fashion Grand Tour tribe wish you Happy New Year!

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