Happy New Year!!!!! What were your best posts of 2020?

It's New Year's Eve today and I decided that I wanted to see what your best posts of 2020 were!

9w ago

Right, so it's New Year's Eve today and I want to see which posts you think are your best of 2020

Here's how it's gonna work

All you need to do is post in the comments your best post (overall) of 2020 and your best spot of 2020, if you want you can throw in some honorable mentions or whatever.

My best posts

My best article: drivetribe.com/p/umm-the-rugged-portuguese-machine-IIsf0wV3SN-NfALLv5l_Zw?iid=VUmX6zJnSU-UuIxLiG5DLA

My best spot: drivetribe.com/p/these-are-my-good-friends-subarus-Qlyamx9YRkKDznR0DZrLfA?iid=ZoW9gfzcS8OZKM--JPKA3g

Honorable mention: drivetribe.com/p/the-best-project-cars-for-under-Wy-ev6AYQVWfqqSuvwme1A?iid=F6IQtTRqRQyLy03Hag7RCQ

That's all. Bye!

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