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Hardtops, Soft Tops and Mazda's

My short but snippy perspective of the renowned roadster.

34w ago

Convertible two-seater sports cars epitomise the concept of style. Just being able to wind down the windows and drop the roof down has always been a massive party piece to any car. And I think it is fair to say that the feature produces some of the most stunning cars around. Unless it is a Suzuki X-90 in which case it would probably blind you from its sheer vileness. Nevertheless, feeling the brisk air wafting through your hair while cruising down the roads on a crisp, summery day is perhaps an undefeated feeling. And I imagine that feeling to be incomparable when sat in the legendary Mazda MX-5. Known for being agile, compact and incredibly fun, this car deserves an indisputable spot amongst the most respectable cars produced in the modern era. As I was sat down writing this, I was listening to a podcast about the greatest cars of all time and found it uncanny to hear that the Mazda MX-5 being mentioned in the top 10. It felt good to know my thoughts about this car are shared amongst many other car enthusiasts.

Since childhood, I have always had a soft spot for Mazda's out of all the other popular Japanese manufacturers of its time, such as the likes of Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan for example. And till this day, I believe Mazda produce some of the most desirable cars with the most exciting exterior designs with plush interiors while maintaining the highest level of reliability and durability the brand is known to possess. The MK2 MX-5 is widely available across all mileages and conditions but you can get a hold of one in good condition, with a 1.8 L petrol, 5-speed manual with around 60,000 miles for less than £1,700. Since its arrival, the MX-5 was known for feeling planted on the road with pin-point responsive steering, being able to handle exceptionally well. It is definitely on the list of cars which I dream of being able to experience driving one day.

While discussing the topic of the MX-5, it is important to mention the roadster's position in today's automobile world. Along with GT's, they are not as commonly produced or purchased compared to hatchbacks and SUV'S. And even more so at the lower end of the budget. Some of the most staggering GT's in recent times consist of the Bentley Continental, Aston Martin Superleggera and Mercedes AMG GT and as astonishing as all three of them are, they all have 6-figure price tags. So they are not exactly as accessible for the average Joe.

When it comes to what roof looks the best on a roadster or in fact any convertible, it all comes down to preference and is not necessarily one size fits all. This is why it often comes as an option for the buyer. And some cars do look better with a soft top as opposed to a hardtop which is what most would expect to look better with. It also does have an impact on the driving experience depending on what roof it has. The MX-5 looks perfect with a soft top roof and is what keeps the weight down to make the driving experience exciting even with the roof up. But seeing it with a hardtop does make a drastic difference for the worse, in my eyes anyway.

All in all, the MX-5 on paper, is fun typified on four wheels and it has been proved even in practice. I do remember seeing them on the roads more often when I was younger compared to recent times. But one thing for sure is that whenever I do see one, it brings a massive smile to my face.

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