- 2021 Harley-Davidson Bronx Streetfighter prototype

Harley starts a street fight in the Bronx

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Harley-Davidson has unveiled its future at the EICMA auto show in Milan, Italy, with the first public display of its two most important upcoming models, the prototype versions of the Bronx Streetfighter and Pan America, slated for release in 2021.

The Pan America represents its first foray into the lucrative adventure touring market, and will be fitted with Harley-Davidson’s all new 60-degree V-Twin 1250cc Revolution Max liquid cooled motor.

Featuring 145hp and 122Nm of peak torque, this new power plant is sure to cause a stir among some long established rivals. The US bike maker describes it as an advanced adventure touring multi-purpose motorcycle that's equal parts campfire, wanderlust, and grit.

The Pan America is a two-wheel multi-tool built to endure, designed to explore, and engineered for the unknown.

When it launches, it will be joined by the Bronx, the name which has been given to what has been known as the Streetfighter. It's a middle weight bike that is loaded with attitude, and brutal look, and performance to match.

At the heart of the Bronx Streetfighter is the all new 975cc Revolution Max liquid cooled motor, boasting more than 115hp and 95Nm of torque, the power plant boasts a broad power band that builds to a surge of high-RPM power.

Minimising weight and maximising performance, the Revolution Max provides a narrow power train profile that is integrated into the motorcycle as a stressed member of the frame to enhance center of gravity and handling.

The fully balanced power train has an internal counter balance that mitigates primary engine vibration to enhance rider comfort and improve vehicle durability. Its design is bold and contoured, classic and contemporary, strong and svelte.

To optimise performance of the new Pan America and Bronx models, Harley-Davidson tapped into the expertise of world class component manufacturers to deliver bespoke solutions for braking and tyre performance.

For braking, Harley-Davidson collaborated with Brembo to create a new radial mono-block four-piston caliper that combines sharp edges with softer curves, designed to create a style that complements the bike and delivers outstanding braking feel and capability.

For tyres, Michelin and Harley-Davidson have worked closely to develop co-branded tyres for each motorcycle model that optimises performance, feel and grip in all conditions.

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America prototype

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  • All I can think is that Harley allowed themselves to become virtually a one trick pony with big V-Twin cruisers and touring bikes and after nearly 20 years of loosing market share to BMW, Suzuki,Yamaha, KTM & Ducati with their big dual sport bikes they finally decide to make one of their own. I guess they finally realized their market share was shrinking with overweight baby boomers trying to relive their youth.

    7 days ago
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    • I'm sure they came to the realisation they needed to reshape for the future. They'll be one of the top bike brands in China too after partnering with a bike brand there to make lower cc...

      Read more
      7 days ago
      1 Bump
    • Nothing like a "for profit" company falling all over themselves to serve the Chinese communists.

      7 days ago
      1 Bump
  • THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING OMG RUN!!!! Ohhh wait no HD just realized it's not 1950 any more. Welcome to the new Millennium HD.

    7 days ago
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