HARMONY OS : Can Huawei Replace Android

Third biggest operating system

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After android and ios

Harmony os is an operating system which was officially announced by Huawei.

Huawei plans to launch Harmony os on "smart screen products " like a smartwatch, smart TV and wearable products etc.

Huawei didn't plan their harmony os for smartphones but after the USA banned Google services for their smartphones, Huawei's latest phones lack access to most apps on google, so Huawei has officially announced that harmony os will support their smartphones that are due in 2021, this means Huawei might abandon android in favour of their own os,

But the question is can Huawei replace their smartphones completely with harmony os?

Huawei described harmony os as a free operating system like android, with faster inter-process. According to Huawei, the harmony os is more flexible than android actually Huawei build an ecosystem similar to apple's ecosystem so you can connect all your devices to each other like Apple devices, it is very helpful in daily life so by this we could deduce that Huawei's harmony os is the combination of android and ios it allows freedom for developers and fast as ios. harmony os is the biggest operating system because Huawei is the second-largest smartphone brand. Huawei is hugely popular in its home country China, which is the biggest market of electronic in the world and in recent years Huawei's is competing with Samsung smartphones all over the world but in China, Huawei is the only no 1 brand, if harmony os will become successful then many Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, oppo, realme etc will also adopt this os if Huawei chooses to.

Huawei is going to launch their os with on their upcoming flagship device p50 pro. The Huawei smartphones which are currently running on emui 11 will also get harmony os update. On phones with harmony os play store will be replaced by App gallery.

Let see how many developer's love harmony os, how many of them develop apps for harmony os, how many Huawei users and fans accept the harmony os, Do you think it'll be a success for Huawei?

Well, we will have to wait till 2021 to get that answer

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Comments (14)

  • It's going to be tough for them to compete. I've got a Huawei at the moment, and will not be buying another. I need Google.

      29 days ago
    • Yes, it is difficult to compete with Android but Huawei trying their best to full fill the requirement of there customers

        27 days ago
    • You can sideload it to your phone. Connect it to a PC and then copy the google APK's to your internal memory.

        13 days ago
  • It is difficult to replace the mighty Android

      29 days ago


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