H​artley well positioned for a return in 2020.

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​In many ways this season is make or break for Vettel. At Red Bull in 2014 a new and fresh faced Daniel Ricciardo embarrassed him comprehensively. 2018 Vettel crumbled under Hamilton's relentless pressure. This season his new teammate Le Clerc may prove to be another Ricciardo and not as accommodating as Raikkonen? There is certainly trouble ahead. Will Binotto assert himself over Vettel? Will Le Clerc agree to be a Bottas?

G​rosjean almost lost his drive in 2018 after a catalog of errors and his inconsistencies but flashes of raw brilliance saved him. Magnussen proved the safer pair of hands but seems short of real talent. Friction on track is inevitable again.

​Gasly has an intention to prove himself against Räikkönen and if he is quicker, will Räikkönen bother to defend? On the other hand Räikkönen may have given himself one last season, to race without Vettel, and he may be determined to showcase his undoubtably talents?

​In the A and B Ferrari teams there is huge room for inter team conflict and conflict within the greater team. Would an Alfa driver move over for a Haas driver? Would a Haas driver really be able to race a Ferrari driver?

​Hartley is well positioned with a valid license and two season nearly, experience of the political inter team rivalry and now with simulator development work to fill any seat that becomes available and to drive to team orders. He is a safe talented pair of hands who may yet return to the grid and his new role at Ferrari is an astute and intelligent move as we have come to expect of him.



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