Has Dacia proved it can make a semi-luxurious vehicle with the Duster Prestige?

Dacia is not known for luxury, but this might just be the start of something great

2w ago

When you think of Dacia, you don't tend to think of plush leather seats, TVs in the headrests and champagne flutes in the boot. This is because no Dacia ever has had any of those things, but is the new 2022 Dacia Duster Prestige a sign that if they wanted to, Dacia would introduce a little bit of luxury to its vehicles?

The review below by Tim Rodie on YouTube shows that the new Duster might be getting a little bit posh, and perhaps too much so, what with its £600 optional metallic paint and £250 spare wheel optional extra – the only two options ticked on this £20,000+ blue press car.

Inside, the Duster Prestige is much like a Renault in terms of its infotainment system, decent build quality, and simplistic look.

Dacia's company motto, even from day one is “Generous, reliable, simple, smart and always accessible," and this is no exception – but is it beginning to get too posh?

Here's what Tim has to say on the 'tube (no, not that one):

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