Has Hyundai beaten Honda? Which would you daily drive?

1w ago


Regardless of what anyone says, everyone falls for a hot hatchback every now and then. Whether it is your neighbors Volkswagen Golf, your friends Ford Focus, or some random Subaru you saw driving through town, it is hard not to crack a smile when you see some of these pint-sized cars.

Over the past few years, auto-manufacturers have started to build some of the most brilliant hatchbacks we have seen to this day. Among these are none other than the Honda Civic Type-R. The 2020 model is rumored to produce about 306 horsepower with 295 Ib-ft of torque using a 2.0-Liter turbocharged VTEC engine. The Civic Type-R will also keep its front-wheel-drive drive-train as well.

However, it seems as if the Civic Type-R has sped into the sights of an unlikely adversary. This opponent is none other than the Hyundai Veloster N which was brought to life by the engineers at BMW's M-Series division. Though it is only pushing out 275 horsepower with its turbocharged 2.0-Liter engine, the Veloster N is remarkably lighter than the Civic Type-R, which allows it to dance through winding roads and provide you with a fun time on your track days. But it is highly unlikely that you are going to buy one of these cars strictly as a track car. So with that, you will want the car to be practical and have the luxuries that race cars simply will not provide you with. This is where the Veloster N really shows its true colors.

To begin with, we are going to stay focused on the engine. In the Veloster N, Hyundai tuned the engine to produce a pretty nice amount of bottom end torque. With peak torque showing up at around 1,400 to 4,700 rpm, it is no doubt that this car will be better at overtaking during your daily commute when compared to the Civic Type-R, which produces peak torque at 2,500 to 4,500 rpm.

The next thing we will look at is the interior. In the Hyundai Veloster N, the interior is much more subtle. It does not have bright red, "Look at me!", seats like the Honda Civic Type-R. Instead, the Veloster N is blacked out. Providing a smooth and cool interior that supports you in corners with a slight amount of luxury inside as well, unlike the loud "Race car" seats that sit in the Civic Type-R.

What about the price tag? Of course, the Civic Type-R is going to be more expensive. However, this means that with the performance pack for the Veloster N costing $27,785 and the sticker price for the Civic being $35,595, you now have an extra $7,810. This helps greatly if you are planning on doing some major modifications to your hatchback as well.

The Veloster also comes with more driving modes than the Type-R. With the Type-R having only three which are, Sport, Comfort, +R, the Hyundai Veloster N comes with five. These five are Normal, Eco, Sport, N, and N Custom where you can customize your driving experience to the way you like it.

In conclusion, both the Honda Civic Type-R and the Hyundai Veloster N are absolute brilliant vehicles that provide their driver with pure satisfaction and an overall great time behind the wheel. However, I would much rather place my money on the N rather than the R. But what do you think? Would you rather have the Honda or the Hyundai?

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