Has Jeremy Clarkson Finally Warmed Up To Tesla?

1y ago


Remember way back when when Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the first Tesla for Top Gear? Remember how the acceleration was hugely impressive but in his opinion the rest of the car wasn't? Clarkson may have gone as far as to say the car "didn't seem to work." Well this did not sit well with the Elon who actually sued Clarkson for his comments. Clarkson won the suit and the subsequent appeal but it is safe to say the two aren't the very best of friends.

Fast forward to today and Tesla has come an extremely long way. Back when the original came out it was a rarity to see one on the road, now I see some form of Tesla fairly regularly. They are bordering on mainstream. They aren't quite there yet but Tesla is championing the electric car better than anyone else at the moment. So has Clarkson warmed to Tesla? Well in a word, yes he has but in classic Clarksonian fashion as you will see in the clip below.

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  • The Tesla Model X is an impressive mini-van.

    1 year ago
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  • something about feeling the car rumble underneath you as you get ready for launch... or the roar in a tunnel (thank you, Hammond!) that electric cars will never duplicate. the future is sad and exciting at the same time. Thankfully you don't have to paint everyone with the same brush.

    1 year ago
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