Has Manhart ended Our wait for the BMW M8?

German tuner has turned the regular BMW 8 Series to M8 levels...

2y ago

BMW got our hearts racing with BMW 8 series. Then our hearts started to race like Ayrton Senna when they announced they were going to make a production M8.

But since then, glimpses did come out but we all knew the wait would be long and truth be told, it is long.

But the Manhart seems to have ended our wait a bit early. Say hello to the MH8 600.

Its twin-turbo V8 heart pumps out 612bhp. Surprisingly, it is the same V8 which powers the current pinnacle of the 8 Series range – the M850i xDrive. The extra 90bhp comes from a mere software enhancement. Torque has gone up from 553 to 642lb ft. With all-wheel drive standard, it will put all the numbers to great use.

Lower suspension, bigger 21 inch wheels, and striping on the body work and alloys add to the party.

The kind of standard that Manhart has set for the M8 by just a mere software upgrade seem quite sheesh, but they are true.

Will the M8 be able to match these standars? Let me know in the Comments

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