H​as Porsche Done the Right Thing?

W​e all know the 935 resurrection was glorious, but, why?

L​et's take a step back

I​t's the mid 70s, and Porsche is thriving. They have the Carrera RS 2.7 litre, and the 911 is as good as ever, but Porsche has a vision to make the most wild and out-of-the-ordinary car known to man. And that vision is the 935, or 935 Moby Dick. The Porsche 935 was a race car developed and manufactured Porsche, obviously. The 935 went on to win the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans overall, and other major endurance races, including Sebring, Daytona, and the 1,000 km Nürburgring, which wasn't a surprise judging by the fact that when Porsche makes a race car, they tend to go all out. Of the 370 races it was entered, it won 123.

T​hose were the days

T​hose were the days

B​ack to the present

I​t's almost 2020, impeachment is effecting our commerce, but as of now, stocks are thriving. Porsche has introduced the 992, the Panamera turned 10, and the 718 has been introduced to revive the Boxter and continue the Cayman. The 935 is no where in the picture of modern cars until fairly recently. Porsche has reintroduced the 935 with a modern touch. At first, Porsche fans were all happy, because the 935 is a beast on the track. But after reading about it, and looking at pictures, I thought, 'why'?

"W​hy?" is not many people's first response. Porsche doesn't really make a whole lot of one-offs (*cough* Bugatti), or resurrections besides the Boxster. The 935 is an exception to one-offs, hence the all carbon fibre body (*cough* EB110), but that's irrelevant. With an aerodynamic and frankly, really long rear, there's not a whole lot to dislike, without going into depth.

I​mage credit: Top Gear

I​mage credit: Top Gear


S​tats was my initial reaction to hearing about the remake of the 935. With only a handful of cars will be produced, the engine is quite something. Basically, they modded a GT2 RS, to make a monstrous twin turbocharged, 3.8 litre, six cylinder with 700hp with a weight of 1380kg. This single seater is gonna cost you, starting at, precisely 701,948 euros, a sum that represents approximately $816,000.

H​ow does it drive, you ask?

W​ell Top Gear puts it as dead easy actually. I know, I know, that sounds rather silly, but to actually drive this car about, it’s no more difficult than a 911. It’s a seven-speed PDK, so apart from some major blindspots from the full race seat and racecar bodywork, it’s a breeze. From the body of a 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, its exactly how it feels, yet you can feel the hugeness of it. The engine is easy to control and smooth, the car light and responsive. Yes, there are a lot of buttons and the cut-down carbon steering wheel is a bit intimidating, but once past that, it’s just like a roadcar, ish. You’d have trouble reverse parking (like you'd even need to) with a six-point race harness and full HANS neck restraint on anyway.

T​he Verdict

H​ey, coming from a 13 year old enthusiast, I think it's quite good for what is. If I could drive... what am I saying? I have already driven a 991 911 Carrera S, a 2018 Macan S, a 2013 Cayenne S, and an Infiniti QX60. Let me rephrase that. If I could drive LEGALLY, I'd like to take a spin on this thing. It seems to drive smoothly, so I'd rate this a 7/10. Sure, it's pretty epic, but we didn't ask for it, nor did we need it. The naked carbon fibre 935 is shown below.

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  • A few historical notes: the 935 was already competing when the "Moby Dick" 935/78 was developed. A change in bodywork regulations (originally so BMW could cut the sills to route a side exit exhaust and run a lower ride height) was written loosely enough that Porsche was able to go much more extreme on the aero for 935/78. And the 935 that won Le Mans overall in 1979 was a Kremer 935.

    And finally, the impeachment is not "affecting our commerce" one iota, nor is it relevant to high dollar special edition sports cars. Going political is also a good way to automatically alienate half your audience.

      1 year ago
    • Cool. It was more of the government shutdown, and, impeachment inquiry has actually affected our stocks very positively. Apple, Home Depot, Dow, and s&p 500 hav hit record highs. The so called trade war has affected sales because of...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • Old but not gone . With one word Classic . Porsche need to make a road going version of this rethink car .

      1 year ago
  • Great read, well written

      1 year ago