Has Roborace outdone Tesla in autonomous mobility?

The Polestar 1K Concept is a proper driverless autonomous GT.

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One of the most fascinating events we auto geeks like visiting is motor shows where manufacturers go gung-ho giving us a faint but scant glimpse into their future. What interests you the most there? Cars, bikes or the scintillating foreground? To me, it is concept cars besides converging with the execs of automotive moguls. Concept cars allow infinite level of freedom to the boffins at the R&D departments as there are no hard and fast guidelines to conform to. The focus here is to bring genteel designs to the audience.

This is exactly what a company highly proficient in developing and testing autonomous vehicles to their fullest potential has done. They have revealed a concept christened the Polestar 1K which drives without a driver and has the talent to give Tesla's autonomous technology, a run for its money.

The facade looks ready for an onslaught with those headlights that illuminate in an obscene environment literally for a dazzling first impression. The glass canards just below the headlamps is an element never seen before and makes for a solid posture. The brawny but purposeful front carbon-fibre splitters are there to direct the air for the engine to cool. As this has no seats and will be driving by itself, there is a camera atop the headlamps which senses and transmits visual information of the asphalt and the objects ahead to the AI to maintain legerity in changing directions.

The haunches around the borders are bulky to shoehorn the massive wheels for incredible agility around the twisted roads. A profusion of LED lights are present at the rear area where huge gap exists for throwing air outside hence, improving its dynamic efficiency. The prominent yellow strip flowing seamlessly across the length of the car dissects the car into two halves deducing the level of accuracy with which it has been made. It also snugly tucks in a 360-degree camera which ensures everything is synchronised. There are two cameras on the outer corners of the rear portion to sense the objects.

Fun fact: The car can hit a top speed of 282 Km/h (175 mph) which is considered to be 'average' by their standards though.

The interior flanks several wires meaning that it is electric. They have been set up high with a glass covering so that if anything goes astray, the team is known about it and the technical simplicity allows for easy replacement too.

I don't suppose I have seen anything as innovative and out of the box as this Polestar 1K Concept. If it justifies its reliability and hits a race track, it is surely going to smoke other cars. But more than that, what I like about it and that is increasingly becoming a sparse sight on our roads is its Fabian yet enticing design. Fusing these two characteristics is an ordeal and requires skilled craftsmanship which is certainly evident and to reiterate, may I say that it does bring a powerful perception about the future, which with cars such as this, is surely to flourish.

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  • Understanding what 'driverless' entails is the secret to understanding what you are talking about. Currently, the 'driverless' vehicles out there use primitive lidar and radar that operates lane-keeping and anti-collision software. The next step up is the robotaxis which have an operating neighbourhood rendered in sufficient detail in its memory for those other systems to run in collaboration with, to give simulated self-driving, beuitall in a limited area. True self-driving doesn't exist, in either this piece of fluff or anywhere else yet. Tesla seems closest to the answer, with trillions of data miles accumulated in their servers from every Tesla car on the road. They are using AI running evolving algorithms to enable the vehicle hardware to do those things we ourselves do when driving our car. It is learning to recognise signs. even damaged and partially hidden signs. It's learning how to negotiate roads with missing markings, pot-holes, altered design, roadworks, humans and animals behaving illogically and do so in nanoseconds. My understanding is that this is due for limited Beta testing by selected customers towards the end of this year, and is currently installed in the CEO's own car.

      1 month ago
    • Tesla seems to be the benchmark in autonomous driving but people are in trepidation about its reliability specially after the incident where a 50 year old died thinking the car could drive all by itself. Roborace wants this prototype to be...

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        1 month ago
    • I quite agree and we will all want to see how good or bad it is before letting a robot drive us around. When you think of the gormless dollops we trust with our lives that drive busses, trains, taxies, Ubers, etc (OK, most are fine, but...) we set a...

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        1 month ago
  • Autonomy on a racetrack is absolutely nothing like autonomy on a road. It doesn’t really gain much. Traffic avoidance to be sure but besides the other cars, there are very few outside influences that impact a race track. This is by design.

      1 month ago


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