Has the Hennessey Venom F5 broken the holy grail of all speed records

The American carmaker has made a very cryptic Instagram post, could they have broken the 300mph barrier?

3y ago

Hennessey Performance has released a teaser in what could point to their Venom F5 Hypercar breaking the holy grail of speed records with this image.

The image was released on the American carmaker/mega tuners official Instagram account teasing the rear end of the car next to a speed limit sign showing 300mph.

There are several similarities between this image and the earlier renders of the Venom F5. The rear lights being the most prominent feature carried over from the rendered images. Other Notable items including the massive rear wing and the slightly insane all-carbon rear diffuser setup suggesting that the final road-going car will be very close to the renders.

Hennessey state that their new Venom F5 will be one of the fastest cars on the planet when it breaks cover at SEMA on 1st November. This all-new model will be based on an entirely new platform, moving on from the Lotus-based underpinnings of the previous models.

The Venom F5 is thought to have close to 1,500bhp while weighing in at less than 1,300kgs meaning that on paper at least it could be capable of besting the Venom GT’s top speed record of 270mph. The one massive hurdle that no carmaker has managed to beat though; tyres that can survive 300mph.

To date no manufacture has managed to successfully create rubber that can exceed this holy grail speed while remaining usable on the road. How and if Hennessey has managed to overcome this massive obstacle will be very interesting indeed.

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Comments (69)

  • With enough thrust, pigs fly just fine. All of these 200+ MPH cars are simply showpieces, there remain only a few places on the planet where one can reach 200 or more miles per hour, if one enjoys one's freedom. It is an obscene waste to own a car capable of such feats, and allow it to sit in a garage, or drive it across town and back. Certainly there is some appeal in owning one of these beasts, like there is appeal in owning a Rolex, or really nice shoes. Comparing Hennesseeyyee (sorry I got carried away), to Bugatti or Koenigesegggges?&#@ (never have gotten that one right), has no real value. Exclusivity, is one thing, and these obscenely expensive hypercars are exclusive, unfortunately they are also impractical, bordering on unusable in daily life. Where these cars do create cause for debate and inspire advancement, is in the technological challenge of record setting, aerodynamics, power, and pushing the envelope. Creating a road going engine that will withstand sustained production of 1500 or 2000 horsepower is no small feat, and it benefits the entire industry. Top fuel dragsters, produce unbelievable power, but can't do so for more than a few seconds without melting. Building an entire road going car to sustain 300 miles per hour is also an incredible feat, and while it may not be as "refined" as the Bugatti in the eyes of some, some of the most revered cars in automotive history weren't refined, like the original Ford GT40, or the Shelby Cobra, both record setting cars, and both completely horrendous to live with. However, out of those cars came advancements and motivation that were game changing. To me, as a normal working pleb, who can't afford any of these cars, they're all fun to look at, fun to learn about, but in the end completely pointless save for the fact that their technological advances may one day trickle down to a car I can afford.

      3 years ago
  • Pah, we British managed 300 mph in 1935 and the car weighed 4.75 tonnes with 2,300 bhp. All we need to do now chaps is bolt some lights on it, take for a quick spin and the Yanks can sob into their Stetsons.

    Slight problem, the car in question is in Indiana.

      3 years ago
  • It's Hennessy. So...even if they do break the barrier, they'll take a ton of deposits and orders, probably won't deliver half of the cars ordered. And then, if they do deliver a car, the first time it needs a service, they'll abandon the owner and the car will sit in a garage broken. Uncle has a Hennessy Viper he's been trying to get a part for....for 2 years. Worst support of any tuner in history.

      3 years ago
  • Who even cares? That's not even speed - it's a deathwish!

      3 years ago
  • They came from nowhere and put the Veyron in it's place so it's certainly in the realms of possibility. As stated, tyres are an issue but I think that the big tyre manufacturers are stepping up to the plate on a regular basis.

    Let's see what happens on the 1st of November!

      3 years ago