Has the Porsche 911 GT2 RS smashed the Nurburgring production car record

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Porsche could well have broken or even possibly smashed the Nurburgring lap record with its insane 911 GT2 RS. As usual, though, the German carmaker is remaining tight-lipped on the subject by giving nothing away.

After losing the Green Hell crown to Lamborghini and their somewhat controversial lap time in the Huracan Performante which ran the 12.9-mile distance in 6 minutes 52 seconds.

Now according to various sources located at the Nurburgring, Porsche may or may not have taken back their crown with a very yellow and angry sounding GT2 RS.

According to the head of BridgeToGantry.com Dale Lomas, who was trackside during the session that Porsche booked just for lap timings. His suggestion is a time of 6:54 or less. This estimate comes from consecutive photographs taken of the GT2 RS as it passed on the start/finish straight during a lap attempt. The EXIF data points to a sub-seven minute time which if accurate could well give Porsche the record once again.

Now for the real juicy information, according to a report from Auto Evolution, the GT2 RS could have blitzed the Nurburgring in a record-shattering 6:48.75 which if accurate would be a colossal win for Porsche.

This supposed lap time was mentioned on Facebook by Edo Karabegovic, the man behind the Porsche aftermarket developer Edo Performance. The quickest 911 to date around the ring is the current generation 991.2 GT3, which required 7:12.7 to achieve the 12.9-mile distance with only 500hp, whereas the new GT2 RS has a massive 700hp with additional lightweight carbon parts derived from the (optional) Weissach package.

There should be no doubt that Porsche was taking this attempt very seriously with BTG main man Lomas confirming that the Touristenfahrten car park was filled with Porsche personal manning tents full of tyres and track equipment.

With Porsche giving nothing away for now, we will have to make do with the copious amounts of video footage which all looks very quick and very noisy.

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  • Dear worldwide manufacturers please change track... I'm tired of this

    2 years ago
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  • Without reliable independent verification these times mean nothing. They can claim they went to the moon and back. And a timed selfie video means absolutely nothing, it's too easy to fake that stuff.

    2 years ago
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    • Check Misha Charoudin youtube channel and check the 3 videos about gt2rs lap record attempts

      2 years ago
    • Like I said a video means nothing it's too easy to fake. If you don't have an independent trusted organization that times the laps under a specific set of rules it means nothing.

      2 years ago