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Has the Range Rover been ruined?

Compared to the pre-facelift model, there is one feature which may potentially ruin the new Range Rover.

2y ago

It may not be the most loved vehicle out there, but little can pollute my ardour for the Range Rover. While it may be a treasured and intrinsic feature of the wag lifestyle, the car’s less desirable clientele does not stop ordinary folk from enjoying it for what it is: a genuinely magnificent motor vehicle!

Regardless of what people may believe, no amount of footballer’s wives can make the Range Rover less comfortable, or less refined. No number of trips to the tanning salon can suffocate the collective splendour of the breed, or ruin the overall nobility. In fact, the only people capable of genuinely ruining it are those who make it.

It was fairly recently that the current L405 generation Range Rover having a mid-life update. Amongst other things, this resulted in the addition of a hybrid version, along with some new styling options. One of the biggest changes the facelift included however was on the inside. More specifically, a change in controls for the steering wheel and centre console.

In Range Rovers of old, all the controls were made big and chunky, because they were built with the logic that people would want to operate them while wearing gloves. Nowadays however, the only gloves you’d be able to wear while operating any controls on the Range Rover would be of the touch screen variety.

All of the user-friendly buttons and switches of the pre-facelift model have now migrated into a touch screen. And as is the way with touch screens, what it displays changes each time you touch it. With buttons however, to state the obvious, they’re always where you left them.

It may not seem like much, but the implementation of a touch screen to replace perfectly functional buttons in the Range Rover creates unnecessary complexities that the wealth required to buy the thing should exterminate. Not to mention that the annoyance the touch screen creates pales into insignificance compared to what happens if you should graze the steering-wheel mounted touch pads.

Buttons on a steering wheel can often be irritating - but when those buttons are replaced by touch-sensitive panels, you start to beg for the buttons to return. In the Range Rover, these panels are right where the majority of people put their hands - so the chances of you touching one accidentally are high. And when you do, you will incur a consequence of unknown trouble to remedy.

The thing is, Land Rover think they’re improving the car by implementing this touch-sensitive technology - but in actual fact, the introduction of these supposed advancements has created problems that weren’t there before, and that you absolutely should not be facing in a luxury vehicle. As a result, if money was of no object, I think I’d rather buy a Rolls Royce Cullinan over a Range Rover.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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  • It's always been such a beautiful SUV.

      2 years ago