HAS Top gear's found its mojo with less?

1y ago


So, we see the new series of the revitalised version of the revitalised version of Top Gear (confusing, i know). But whats changed, has it changed and most of all, is it any good?

Most notably, the whole intro screen is brand new, its clean, no note to the old Top Gear. admittedly, its fantastic, its fresh, its of its time. I can't knock it, its looking forward to what we are going to be treated to, its not holding onto what old top gear had and its not looking back to last series to what we were sadly given. a lovely aperitif to what each episode now offers.

we see the massive change in set, behind the sofas for the presented we see something vulgar and EXTREMELY americanised "TOP GEAR" in red and black backing. Its either trying to remind us that its not crap anymore or the fact that its new? either way, its very fresh, i can't deny that.

CHRIS HARRIS AS ONE OF THE LEAD 3!!! and i thought their decision of just including him in the new set up was a fantastic idea, but they've now gone one step forward. undeniably, its the best decision top gear has made in the last 3 years. this mans automotive knowledge is just insane, how can a man pick out a fault in a film regarding a BMW alloy, an alloy? Proven by his work for Drivers Republic, AutoCar, Drive and Chris Harris on Cars, he'll be the a well of knowledge, wit and entertainment. Worth his weight in gold, what a decision, should really throw questions to the next series of the Grand Tour. Utterly Brilliant.

The decision of the producers to get back to the original format of 3 main presenters seems to be key to making this work, 12 years of success, why add more? Matt Leblanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris, what a trio. Mr. Reid seemed to blossom as the last series grew, his extra time on "ExtraGear" paid dividends, by the end, he was key to, for want of a better phrase, a shit series. Matt Leblanc, can't fault him to be fair, obviously he had to work with one of the worst presenters in TopGear history, but he still shone through, that takes some doing! But i guess as an actor, he would have to work with drama queens! Chris Harris I've covered, but why not complement him more? obvious talent, natural on the camera and immensely funny, all it needed was him as an anchor. As a whole though, the format hasn't really changed from the 'TopGear of old' its fantastically done, has its own identity and will attract the faithful who initially left (me)

Eddie Jordan, Sabine Schmitz and obviously, Chris Evans, gone. Dead weight? definitely, they didn't add anything. Eddie Jordan, i never understood that decision at all. why, seriously, why? im perplexed. Sabine Schmitz, that could have been executed better. she's a fantastic talent, she proved it in the Germany vs Britain Top Gear challenges, but it just didn't work out this time, lack of chemistry and it didn't work, sad really. Chris Evans. well, i dont know where to start with his faults, so lets start with his 'talents'. he couldn't drive, was god awful to watch, no sliding, no quick speeds, couldn't race, just pure shite for TV. HE WAS SO ANIMATED, screaming voice, jumping around, he was a child with his new toy and he came so close to breaking it to the point disrepair. i could go on, but he's gone, so ill save my moaning for the issues i'll encounter with my BMW.

So, what can i say about the start to this new series? well, its back to the good old days, we can see the chemistry of old, they actually seem to get on and react to each others inputs. Chris Harris, thats the main one for me, can't go wrong with that! we are only one episode in, but i can tell this is going to be a start to success and will definitely lack in complaining viewers. lets hope it continues as it starts.