Hatchbacks and 10.000+Rpm Bike Engines - Match made in Heaven

On Alpe Del Nevegal Hillclimb 2018, one of the most interesting battles was between the Bike Powered Mid-Engined Prototypes. High Revving little Monsters, spaceframed structures with little over 500Kg and Rear Wheel Drive, or in one of these cases, also All Wheel Drive:

Here we have Andrea Scopel and Lucano Gallina in Suzuki Hayabusa engined machines ( the Peugeot 106 and Lancia Y10), Ronny Marchegger in the BMW S1000RR engined FIAT 500 4x4 and Mario Mariot in the Honda CBR1100 powered Citroen Saxo. And among those the fastest ended up being Mr. Gallina.

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