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The 1986 Toyota Corolla Levin (or Sprinter Trueno) is a RWD 3-door hatchback made popular by the anime series Initial D. To anyone who doesn't know what Initial D is or have never been exposed to these cars before, the car would come across as 'uninspired.' It has a very simple look that doesn't really make it stand out in the crowd, being only 94.5 inches long and having a curb weight of about 2200lbs, it's not a very sizable car either. It came stock with a fuel injected, 4-cylinder twin cam 4A-GE at 1587cc, which also powered the MR2 and the Celica GT-R. This motor produced about 130bhp and 110lb ft of torque, and came with a 5-speed manual gearbox, though automatic was an option later on. The 4A-GE came equipped with T-VIS (which stands for Toyota Variable Intake System) and an optional LSD (Limited Slip Differential.) The light weight of the car, coupled with it's moderately easy to tune motor, made this an ideal car for the downhill touge of Japan's mountain passes. If you've never seen a touge race before, I insist you watch. It's amazing. The FR configuration (Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive) of the AE86 is what makes it so ideal for the corners of the mountain roads, helping it power through the corners at speeds most other cars couldn't handle both in touge and drifting.

It's also a very popular car for shows around the world, both with custom work from front to back,and with the homage to Initial D, painting "Bunta's Tofu Shop" in Japanese down the sides of the car in black and white. The Panda look (so called for its black and white color scheme) is the most popular among the cars enthusiasts, being that it is the exact image of the hachiroku that appears in the show.

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