Hate the new Jaguar F-Type? Win the old one!

If the facelift to Jaguar's great little sports car isn't to your liking, then throw your hat in the ring for this 550hp model

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There’s much to like about the revised Jaguar F-Type, but judging by the reaction to this month’s unveiling, its looks are, shall we say, divisive. So if you’re not a fan of the new snout on Jag’s sports car, then why not bag one of the old ones? Mmm, retro goodness.

Thanks to Rev Comps, you can get your hands on a 2016 F-Type R AWD Convertible by simply entering a competition. This is no entry-level F-Type either. The R was £107,000 when it was new, and powers all four wheels with a 5.0-litre V8. How much power, you ask? 550 horsepower. Yes. Oh yes.

This a car so good that James May “accidentally” kept his press car for three years, instead of the agreed six months. When Autocar reviewed this very spec of car, they said “you won't feel shortchanged for a second”. That’s especially true if you haven’t paid for it.

Win! This car! This actual car!

Win! This car! This actual car!

All that means that if you win this competition, you’ll be wanging your way to 62mph in 4.1 seconds. Keep the power on and you’ll hit 186mph (assuming you have your own private runway).

Naturally, you’ll have the roof down while doing this. Don’t be one of those snobs who turns their nose up at anything without a roof. Sure, you lose a fraction of the torsional rigidity compared to the coupe, but in the convertible you gain a direct line to the elements as they rampage through your hair. And you can plug right into the soundtrack from the exhaust pipes. Remember: 5.0-litre V8. Aural sexytime.

Your carriage awaits. If you win.

Your carriage awaits. If you win.


You’re already clearing a space on your drive, we assume, but before you do that, you’d better actually enter the competition, which you can do here.

Should you be so unlucky as to not win the competition, then maybe you can dab away your tears with the second prize of £2,000 or the third-to-tenth prizes of £1,000. That should take the sting off things. But hurry, as it’ll be drawn at 5pm on Christmas Day. Which, for avoidance of confusion, is Wednesday, 25 December. And like the winner will be doing in the car, tickets are going fast.

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