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Haters Of The New Land Rover Defender Are Missing The Point

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291mm ground clearance, 38-degree approach, 28-degree breakover, 40-degree departure and 900mm wading depth. Those are the physical statistics which Land Rover have revealed of the New Defender. And they're big statistics. They're statistics which are designed by someone wanting to take on some of the most well known and biggest off-road vehicles on the planet. But when it comes down to it I suppose the Land Rover Defender is one of the most well known off-road vehicles on the planet. But here's the thing, people are hating on it. They're hating on it big.

The hate has absolutely nothing to do with its physical capability, it's its aesthetics.

The hate has absolutely nothing to do with its physical capability. My belief is that absolutely no-one is questioning the physical capability of the New Land Rover Defender at all. It has to do with its aesthetics.

Now I personally love the new look of the Land Rover Defender. I've known what it looks like for a fair whack of time and have always loved its callback to the OG. But there are a lot who don't love it. In fact, they don't like it. In fact, there are a lot of new-comer Defender fans who actually hate the vehicle. And here's the thing, the haters just aren't getting the point. There are two things they're missing the point on with the new Defender.

The first is very simple. The Land Rover Defender, despite that it looks superb, is not in existence to satisfy your need for pleasing aesthetics. It is an off-road vehicle. It's not just an off-road vehicle but the off-road vehicle. This is the car which was commissioned by the Snowy Dam project in Australia for one of the biggest dam projects on earth, the WHO for their operations in North Africa, the SAS and British/Australian Armies in the Middle East and the Red Cross for aid projects across the world. It's a car which the Nepalese use to traverse some of their toughest mountains and a car which the most feared rebel groups on earth commandeer to transport their armies from city to city.

And the thing is, everyone who already has a Defender knows this. They know that this car, despite its original rugged swagger is indeed capable of great great things. And the New Defender is no different. Land Rover have proven this with a series of cross-continental, condition and purpose tests with various camouflaged and concept models. Not to mention their generous loan of test vehicles to both conservation projects in Africa and the International Red Cross.

So, now that we've established that no-one cares how you think the Defender looks, mainly because it would keep going up the 90-degree incline where your Land Cruiser would slide back and hit a tree, let's move on to aesthetics. I've said it multiple times in this article and I'm going to say it again. I love how the new Defender looks. And it's not just me, there is a cohort of original Land Rover owners and fans who agree. They think it's the perfect throwback, like JJ Abrams' re-launch of the Star Wars film series.

But those same fans also see the potential. Whilst they like that base model British green with white contrast roof and the steel white wheels, they know that Land Rover didn't intend this vehicle to be stock. And you can tell by the Defender's design. The massive wheel arches, the high ground clearance and the rear-mounted spare wheel are begging for an upgrade to the big juicy off-road wheels we see most black on black Defenders sporting today. The front bumper is perfect for a bull bar as well. It's low, wide, wrap-around design and the sectioning of the panels makes the modification a no brainer. In fact, with those modifications in mind, the car could almost be a futuristic post-apocalyptic dream vehicle.

The interior as standard is absolutely gorgeous as well. Whichever smart ass intern decided to suggest leaving the chassis and core structure exposed and powder coated in the interior may have suggested that to get recognition at the time, and he also may be a total dimwit, but for pure stroke of the moment genius? The kid deserves a medal, a pay rise and a promotion. I wouldn't care if he went on to ruin the Discovery Sport and the next three Jaguars. In fact, I've got an even better idea, how about you just give him a couple of million quid and let him retire at the ripe age of 25.

With the ability to modify the sh*t out of this car, the off-road capability of a hyena, the looks of Alexandra Dadario and the technology of a NASA supercomputer I honestly have no idea what there is still to hate about this car. I'm sure someone will find something to hate on it none the less, and that's fair it's your opinion. But be thankful. Be grateful in fact that I'm doing the world a public service to stand here and tell you, you're wrong.

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