- Some Car-centric Halloween family crafts inspired by Pixar's "Cars." Images: Lisa Tate

Haunts on Wheels Part 4: 'Haul-O-Ween' Inspiration

50w ago


Disney's Cars Land in California shows how clever you can get with car parts. Last year, they added a Halloween celebratration to their offerings, "Haul-O-Ween."

During the Halloween season, Cars Land is filled with some great ideas for decorating with car parts from spiders made from distributor caps to orange cone candy corn, to

Since cars and making things are two of my favorite things, my kids and I made some Halloween season decorations based on the some of the favorite images we've seen at the park. Here's what we did:

We painted some orange traffic cones to look like Jack-O-Lanterns.

We made spider webs out of an old chain, discount store wrench set and old washers.

We paper-mached a toy car to look like Ramone's "calavera" (sugar skull) art.

If you want some details on how we made these things, I used these crafts for a DIY last year for the site GeekMom.

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