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Have A Gander Of What Harris and Co. Will Bring In The New Series Of TopGear

It's just 59 seconds, but it's coming packed with new car reviews, shenanigans, and even...

6w ago


You've seen the new drive-in field. Now get to see what TopGear Mk4 will show to their audience there and around the world on BBC One.


Unfortunately, the trailer still doesn't show an airing date, but what it does show are some truly manic things like road tests for the new Audi RS6 Avant and the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, while previewing more restrained activities like a drivable wall, rental-car skiing, extreme stunts like wakeboarding and ziplines and even a tank run.

I'll come back to you next time with a release date and (college workloads permitting) an episode-by-episode review of this new season.

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  • Meanwhile the US still hasn't gotten the last season.

      1 month ago


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