- Look what I found under the tree (Photo BBC)

Have a James May Christmas with Manlab

30w ago


If you're a fan of James May you will know that he has had several TV series of his own, not just Top Gear and The Grand Tour. One of those series was 'Manlab' which looked at traditional skills that seemed to be being lost by the modern man and showed how to stop them from being lost forever.

Each episode had a variety of themed tasks, including construction, seduction (yes really) and destruction. In the three series James, ably assisted by Simmy Oakley and possibly hindered by Oz Clarke showed us how science, geometry, maths, logic and explosives could be used an be used in these tasks. The theme tune was written by James himself and was played live over the end credits by a variety of different performers, including a barber shop quartet and bagpipes.

Christmas Manlab

In series three Manlab made a Christmas Special, I watch it every year and if you haven't seen it it's well worth watching James, Simmy and Oz decorating a tree with a rocket cannon after felling it with explosives, arguing over how you should prepare the Christmas dinner and inventing a new Christmas drinking method, the Whiskey Cloud.

Timber! (Photo BBC/Plum Pictures)

The Whiskey Cloud method (Photo BBC/Plum Pictures)

They also make their own surprise crackers were you really will find out if you've been naughty or nice!

James has a big one to deal with...carrots and how you should chop them (Photo BBC/Plum Pictures)

So if you fancy a Ho Ho Ho this Christmas give the Manlab Christmas Special a go, link below:-


The series is also available on DVD from all good retailers, for example that one with a rainforest based name, if you'd like to help James' pension fund.

How do you chop your carrots, and have you ever tried the Whiskey Cloud? I wonder if James has ever done it again!